The Dominican Republic, February 2000

This tour report is mainly a collection of pictures, I haven't had time to write much so far. I hope you enjoy these pages anyway. Note that all images are clickable - if you want a more detailed look.


We - that means my brother Kjell and I - arrived at Puerto Plata airport around midnight, and contrary to the advice given in any written tourist guide we accepted a hotel suggested by one of the guides at the airport. We spent 5 nights at the Coco Hotel in Sosua, a 12-room hotel run by a Belgian couple. Although there was some noise from the street (especially from the no.1 item in Dominican transport infrastructure - the motoconchos) the stay was very pleasant. We had a nice barbecue night where most of the guests participated - some from Scandinavia, a couple of Belgians, two boys from the Chech Republic and others made it an international event.

After five nights in the rather busy town of Sosua, we headed for Rio San Juan.


Barbecue at the Coco Hotel